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Back to all articles will participate in the Creative Destruction Labs artificial intelligence program in Montreal.  The Creative Destruction Lab is a seed-stage program for massively scalable, science-based companies.

CDL’s AI Stream brings together many of the world’s AI pioneers.  Including academic researchers, entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists at the forefront of investment in artificial intelligence.

CDL-Montreal runs a program mainly focused on artificial intelligence and data science.  Capitalizing on Montreal’s expertise in the sector. Creative Destruction Lab’s partner, HEC Montréal is a leading business school and is at the forefront of data science research for 40 years.

The Lab’s Global Recruitment Lead Kristjan Sigurdson speaks to the type of companies they like to work with…


Over the years we’ve widened our intake to include many exceptional entrepreneurs who don’t have formal links to a university, but are still leveraging advances in technologies like machine learning or cryptography to build scalable companies…

We’re often looking for some “unfair” advantage — a company that has a patent, or a world leader on a particular technology on the founding team, or unique access to a certain kind of data. In practice, this advantage can be almost anything, it really depends on the industry and the opportunity the founders are pursuing.


We are excited to have a complementary support network in our corner in addition to DCU, where we make our home.  (The new Center for Innovation is awesome!)  The program starts in October.  Looking forward to our first eight-week sprint!


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